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Alcohol vinegar ecological agriculture

Alcohol vinegar ecological agriculture

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General description: Concentrated alcohol vinegar is a natural and versatile solution that offers as part of its commitment to sustainable agriculture. This product, which complies with the Execution Regulations (EU) 2015/1108, is ideal for use in organic farming for its multiple benefits as well as herbicide, fungicide, bactericidal, as in the general improvement of the soil.

Components and characteristics:

  • Composition: Alcohol vinegar.
  • Properties: Natural herbicide, fungicide and bactericide.
  • pH: Between 2.0 and 2.3, which helps improve soil pH.
  • Acidity concentration: 200 gr/l, expressed in acetic acid.
  • Physicochemical characteristics: Methanol free, sulphurous and low residual alcohol content.

Benefits and uses:

  • Ecological herbicide: Effective against a variety of weeds, without leaving toxic waste and is friendly with the natural environment.
  • Soil health improvement: Stimulates the absorption of nutrients and prevents ferric chlorosis, while balancing the pH of the soil.
  • Calcareal uninccruting: Ideal for irrigation systems with hard water, cleaning and preventing obstructions.
  • Fungicide and bactericide: Protect disease plants preventing the appearance of fungi and bacteria.
  • Animal repellent: Disata animals and rodents of the plantations.
  • PH adjuster in irrigation water: Reduce the pH of irrigation water, favoring the absorption of nutrients by plants.

Application and dose:

  • As herbicide: Dilute 30% with water and apply during the hottest hours to accelerate the effect.
  • Calcareal uninccruting: Use 5% as a preventive; For treatment, apply 40 l/ha.
  • To lower pH from irrigation water: Add 5 liters of vinegar per 100 liters of water.
  • Frequency: Apply regularly to maintain and improve the quality of the soil and health of plants.

    Presentation at The concentrated alcohol vinegar is available on in different 25 -liter carafe, adapting to the needs of small orchards and large agricultural farms. Concentrated alcohol vinegar is an example of our effort to combine efficacy and respect for the environment.


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