Professionals: Get exclusive benefits from your order


In Mineravi we promise to give you the highest quality with the most favorable conditions. To do this, we actively explore opportunities to offer you discounts for volume, transport options and tax advantages. Next, we explain how you can get a personalized budget and discover the benefits we have designed thinking about you:

Step 1: Create your customer account

  • Record your account: Create your client account by providing your fiscal data and delivery address.
  • Important observations: Indicate in the field of observations if you have your own means for the discharge of the products, since this is essential to adjust the transport costs in your personalized budget.

Step 2: Choose your modality and share your needs

Once your account is created, you have two options to start exploring your exclusive benefits:

  • For annual rates:
    • Send us the annual amounts you consume from the desired products or the desired products collection through the form of this page.
  • For specific orders:
    • Make an order by selecting the "bank transfer" as payment method.
    • It is vital to highlight that There is no commitment When making this order and, of course, Not anything will be charged. This step allows us to study your application and explore how we can adjust prices, transport options and more to benefit you.
    • Do not forget to include, also in the observations of the order, if you have means for downloading the products.

Our commitment

Once we receive your application, our team will carefully study all the variables to optimize your budget and offer you the best possible conditions. We will explore discounts applicable by volume, we will adjust transport costs and apply the corresponding tax advantages to ensure that you get the best treatment.

Do you have questions?

If you have any questions or need additional assistance during the process, do not hesitate to fill in the contact form. We are here to help you at every step of the road.

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Arcilla expandida
Perfecta para lo que necesito

Buena granulometría y cantidad. Me ha gustado mucho, no tanto el coste de gastos de envío teniendo en cuenta los productos comprados. Aun así volveré a comprar.

Cal agrícola Dolomita Plus
Magnífico producto

Muy buen producto, buena presentación y la tramitación del pedido y la entrega perfecta. Los recomiendo

Cal agrícola. Muy buen producto.

El producto es muy bueno y Mineravi hizo mucho esfuerzo para hacer el producto llegar, tarea no fácil hoy en día con muchas empresas de logística. Recomiendo cien por cien.

Cal agrícola Dolomita Plus
Diego Arenas Rodriguez
Muy bien


Carbonato calcio para gallinas
Irati Lizarraga Ferro

Todo bien!

Cal agrícola Dolomita Plus
Jose ramon Roche navarro

Gracias muy atentos,,,

Carbonato de calcio

Todo perfecto: un gran producto y un servicio rápido. Excelente

Cal agrícola Dolomita Plus

Buen producto

Cal agrícola Dolomita Plus
Joan Villar Ferré
Identificacion saco sin etiqueta

Hola, el saco de cal dolomita no venia iden tificado.

Basalto molido

Esta compra se originó por disponer de un suelo cálcareo-arcilloso y los buenos resultados obtenidos el año anterior.