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Professional Substrate Humus Turba 3070

Professional Substrate Humus Turba 3070

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The professional substrate Humus Turba 3070 is a high quality mixture designed to meet the needs of expert and professional farmers. This universal substrate is specially formulated to provide an optimal balance of nutrients, structure and drainage, suitable for a wide range of plants.


  • Lombriz humus: 30%
  • Blonde peat: 70%

Characteristics and benefits:

  • Optimal nutritional balance: The combination of earthworm and mob humus offers an ideal nutrient balance, favoring healthy and vigorous growth of plants.
  • It improves soil structure: The mob provides a loose and porous structure, improving aeration and drainage.
  • Moisture retention: The water retention capacity of the mob ensures adequate hydration of the roots without causing flooding.
  • Versatile use: Ideal for a wide variety of plants, from vegetables to flowers and shrubs.
  • Experts and professionals: Formulated for those looking for a superior quality substrate with consistent results.

Available presentations:

  • 15 litres bag
  • Big Bag 1,000 litres

Use and application: This substrate is ideal for use in pots, containers and gardens. It is perfect for gardeners and farmers looking for a high quality product for their plants. Apply directly to the plantation area or use it as an improvement for existing soils.


  • Keep in a dry and protected place of excessive humidity.
  • Avoid direct inhalation of dust when manipulating the product.
  • Keep out of the reach of domestic children and animals.

Sustainability: Committed to sustainable practices, our substrate is produced with respect to the environment and is an ideal option for ecological gardening.


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