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70% coconut hydroponic substrate + 30% rice gun

70% coconut hydroponic substrate + 30% rice gun

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Hydroponic substrate composed of coconut fiber and rice peel

The hydroponic substrate made up of 70% coconut fiber and 30% rice peel emerges as an avant -garde and ecological option aimed at farmers who seek sustainable and affordable replacements for the perlite. This special mixture takes advantage of the moisture retention capacity and the porous structure of the coconut fiber together with the advantages of lightness and improvement of the aeration offered by the rice peel. Thus, an ideal culture means for an extensive range of plants cultivated by hydroponics are formed.

Key components:

  • Coconut fiber (70%): Renewable and ecological material, appreciated for its superior ability to retain water and provide a beneficial porous structure for root development.
  • Rice peel (30%): Recycled agricultural product, used as a green solution instead of the perlite. It contributes to the aeration and drainage of the substrate, adding lightness and favoring an environment conducive to growth.


  • Sustainability: Promotes the reuse of agricultural waste, reducing the generation of waste and the environmental impact.
  • Cost efficiency: It provides a cheaper option without sacrificing quality or effectiveness in plant growth.
  • Aeration and drainage optimization: Key to avoid water saturation and ensure strong and healthy root development.
  • Ecological contribution: It encourages the use of renewable and accessible resources, supporting environmental conservation.

Applicability: This substrate is perfectly suitable for a diversity of hydroponic crops, including vegetables and ornamental flowers, which benefit from a soil with good drainage and organic wealth.

Use Guide:

  • Maintain an efficient drainage system to prevent water accumulations.
  • Regularly control moisture and adjust irrigation as necessary to promote an optimal environment for plants.

Available formats: Offered in bags of various sizes, this substrate adapts to projects of any scale, from the fan at home to large agricultural ventures.

Opting our hydroponic substrate for coconut fiber and rice peel means choosing a firm base for your crops that benefits both the planet and your economy. This product marks the path to more responsible and sustainable agriculture methods, guaranteeing the well -being and prosperity of your plants.


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