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Hydroponic substrate 60% coconut + 40% gravel villain

Hydroponic substrate 60% coconut + 40% gravel villain

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The 60% coconut hydroponic substrate + 40% gravel volcanic lava is our most ecological and economical solution for conscious cultivators of the environment and budget. This unique mixture combines the high quality coconut fiber with crushed volcanic lava gravel, offering an optimal culture medium that is both eco-amigable and cost-effective.


  • 60% coconut fiber: It provides excellent moisture retention and promotes an airy structure for the development of roots.
  • 40% gravel volcanic lava: The volcanic lava gravel, crushed without the need for high temperature processes, improves aeration and drainage, providing essential minerals that benefit the growth of plants.

Eco-Eco: Ecological and economic: This substrate stands out for its low environmental impact and accessibility. The volcanic lava gravel, being a natural product that only requires crushing, avoids the energy processes associated with the perlite and the expanded clay, marking a step forward towards sustainability in hydroponics.

Estimated product weight:

  • 35 liter bag: Approximately 15 kg.
  • 1000 liter bag: Approximately 428 kg.


  • Sustainability: Reduce the carbon footprint of your crop thanks to a greener production process.
  • Cost-Effectivity: It offers a more accessible alternative without compromising the quality or crop performance.
  • Improves aeration and drainage: Essential to prevent excess moisture and promote a healthy root system.
  • Mineral enrichment: The volcanic lava gravel provides minerals that can improve plant nutrition.

Applications: Ideal for all types of hydroponic crops, especially those that benefit from a substrate with excellent drainage and a rich mineral composition.

Instructions for use:

  • Ensure good drain to avoid waterlogging.
  • Monitor moisture and adjust irrigation to maintain an optimal growth environment.

Presentation: Available in 35 -liter bags for fans and in large 1000 -liter bags for large -scale commercial projects.

With the hydroponic substrate 60% coconut + 40% gravel volcanic lava gravel, commit yourself to sustainability without sacrificing efficacy. This product is not only friendly with the planet, but also allows you to maximize the potential of your crops economically.


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