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70% coconut hydroponic substrate + 30% perlite

70% coconut hydroponic substrate + 30% perlite

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Our 70% coconut + 30% perlite hydroponic substrate is the perfect choice for growers seeking to promote an optimal growth environment. This substrate combines the high quality coconut fiber, which has been carefully washed, steamed, stamped, and optimally prepared, with perlite to guarantee an airy structure that favors exceptional root development.

Components and preparation process:

  • Coconut fiber (70%): We select coconut fibers that have been prosecuted to eliminate salts and stabilize the pH, ensuring a clean and ready growth means for use. This process includes washing, steamed and print, preparing the fiber to be the ideal culture medium.
  • Perlita (30%): We add perlite to the substrate to improve aeration. This key component allows roots to breathe properly, which is essential for energy production from sugars and for healthy and vigorous root growth.

Key benefits:

  • Improves aeration: The perlite increases the porosity of the substrate, allowing an optimal flow of oxygen to the roots.
  • Optimal Structure: The combination of coconut and perlita creates a perfect structure that maintains the solution of nutrients effectively, facilitating absorption by the roots.
  • Healthy root development: It promotes a strong and healthy root system, essential for the support and nutrition of the plant.
  • Rapid growth of plants: The excellent oxygenation and nutrition allow an accelerated development of plants.

Applications: This substrate is ideal for a wide range of hydroponic crops, from vegetables to ornamental flowers, providing the perfect conditions for healthy and fast growth.

Instructions for use:

  1. Moisten slightly before using to facilitate planting or transplantation.
  2. Ensure good drain to avoid waterlogging.
  3. Monitor moisture and adjust irrigation as necessary to maintain an optimal growth environment.

Presentation: Available in 35 liter and 1,000 liter bags to adapt both to small personal projects and large commercial operations.

With our hydroponic substrate 70% coconut + 30% perlite, we offer a higher culture medium that ensures the success and health of your crops. It raises the quality of your hydroponic production with our specialized mixture, designed for the conscious and demanding cultivator.


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