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Garden basic substrate

Garden basic substrate

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Mineravi's improved basic substrate is a high quality and economic mixture, ideal for a wide range of gardening projects. This substrate combines aging mushroom compost, valued natural land, earthworm and volcanic sand to offer a perfect balance between nutrition, structure and drainage. Its composition improves soil structure, enriches with essential nutrients and ensures an optimal environment for the development of plants and roots.


  • Aged mushroom compost: 
  • Natural land valued: 
  • Earthworm humus: 
  • Volcanic sand: 

Available presentations:

  • Big Bag: 1,000 kg
  • Bulk sale

Recommended use: Ideal for residential gardening projects, splints and green areas, where a quality substrate is required at a reasonable cost. Suitable for all types of plantations, from Céspedes to shrubs and flowers.

Instructions for use: Distribute evenly on the plantation area. It can be mixed with the native soil to improve existing properties. Suitable for direct use in planting a wide range of plant species.


  • Enrich and improve soil structure.
  • It increases soil fertility thanks to its content rich in organic matter and nutrients.
  • Improves water retention capacity and soil drainage.
  • Economic and effective, it offers excellent value for its price.

WARNINGS: Keep in a dry and protected place of excessive humidity. Avoid direct inhalation of dust when manipulating the product. Keep out of the reach of domestic children and animals.


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