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Perlite is a volcanic-origin mineral that, after a thermal expansion process, forms small airy white spheres. This unique structure, combined with its inert chemical nature and almost neutral pH, makes it an invaluable resource not only for agriculture and gardening but also for various industries.

Main Uses:

  • Agriculture: Ideal for improving soil aeration, promoting root development, and preventing soil compaction. Allows gradual water release, preventing plant water stress.

  • Gardening: Used in potting mixtures, vertical gardens, and container gardening. Essential for plants requiring efficient drainage.

  • Construction: Due to its insulating capacity, it's used in the preparation of mortars, plasters, and lightweight concretes.

  • Filtration: As a filtering medium in the food and beverage industries.

  • High-temperature Industries: Its thermal resistance makes it suitable for use as insulation in furnaces and foundries.

Available Sizes and Packages:

  1. Granulometry 0-1,5 mm:

    • 125-liter bag (26 bags per pallet).
    • 900-liter bag (3 bags per pallet).
  2. Granulometry 1-3 mm:

    • 80-liter bag.
    • 900-liter bag.
  3. Granulometry 3-5 mm:

    • 80-liter bag.
    • 900-liter bag.

Pallet Dimensions and Weight:

  • Bags: 1.35 m x 0.87 m x 2.45 m high.
  • Big bags: 1.00 m x 1.00 m x 2.45 m high.
  • Approximate pallet weight: Varies depending on the material but does not exceed 500 kgs.
  • A trailer can fit 24/26 pallets, with 39/3 bags each.


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