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Turbacal plus | Mixture Calcium and mob sulfate

Turbacal plus | Mixture Calcium and mob sulfate

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Turbacal Plus is an innovative organic-minine amendment designed for gardeners and farmers who seek to improve the quality of their soil while providing essential nutrition to their plants. This multifunctional product combines the improper properties of the mob of the mob with the nutritional benefits of dihydrated calcium sulfate. It is composed of 80% calcium sulfate and 20% of vegetable peat.

Presentation: Available in comfortable Big Bags of 1,000 liters, Turbacal Plus is ready for use in a wide range of agricultural and gardening applications.

Benefits and uses:

  • Improvement of soil structure: The peat included in Turbacal Plus enriches the soil with organic matter, improving its structure and promoting greater porosity and water retention capacity. This results in a healthier soil and with better aeration, essential for root development.

  • Nutritional contribution: Calcium sulfate provides calcium and sulfur, two crucial elements for plant growth. This contribution helps to nurture plants and can improve the quality of the fruits and the general strength of vegetation.

  • PH correction: Turbacal Plus can help modify the pH of the soil, neutralizing too acid soils and facilitating a more balanced growth environment for a wide variety of plants.

  • COBERTETER FERTILIZATION: In addition to improving the soil, Turbacal Plus can serve as a cover fertilizer, providing nutrients directly to plants during the growth season.

  • Easy to apply: The Big Bag format facilitates the application of the product in large areas, allowing a uniform and efficient distribution.

Recommendations for use: Apply Turbacal Plus during soil preparation before planting or at the beginning of the growth season. Its use is versatile, suitable for gardens, ornamental gardens, open field crops and pots.

Turbacal Plus is its ally for a more fertile soil and healthier plants, combining the best practices of sustainable agriculture with advances in plant nutrition.


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