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Leonardite powder. Humita 20 and Humita 40

Leonardite powder. Humita 20 and Humita 40

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Introducing our Leonardite Powder, a natural and effective solution to improve the quality and fertility of your soil. Leonardite, also known as "humite", is a form of lignite rich in humic and fulvic acids, which act as biostimulants and soil improvers in agriculture.

Our Leonardite Powder is available in three concentrations: Humita 15 or concealer powder, Humita 20, which contains 20% humic acids, and Humita 40, which contains 40% humic acids. The three products have a granulometry of 0-6 mm, which facilitates their application and ensures uniform distribution on the ground.

Benefits of Leonardite Powder:

  • Improves the structure and retention of water in the soil.
  • Increases the availability and absorption of nutrients by plants.
  • Stimulates root growth and soil microbial activity.
  • Improves plant resistance to water stress and diseases.
  • Contributes to a higher yield and quality in agricultural production.

Available containers of Leonardite Humita

We have bags of 25 kg., big bags of 1,000 kg. and in bulk (material price placed in our facilities per ton, available for full trucks of 25 tons, consult the price of transport to your destination).

Choose the appropriate concentration of Leonardite Powder for your agricultural needs and enjoy the benefits of this natural product in your crops. Buy Humita 15, Humita 20 or Humita 40 in our online store and start improving the health of your soil today!


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