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Protector Plants high temperatures

Protector Plants high temperatures

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Clay-based formulated product (Kaolin, white clay) that can be used to reduce the harmful effects caused by high temperatures on plants and crops. This is "agricultural refractory clay", which is applied in powder form to the leaves and stems of plants.

Agricultural refractory clay is a natural, non-toxic product used to improve plant resistance to heat stress and heat stroke. This clay helps to reduce the surface temperature of the plant, which in turn reduces water evaporation and increases efficiency in the use of water resources.

Application of agricultural refractory clay can also help prevent nutrient loss and dehydration of plants in hot, dry climates. Additionally, clay can act as a physical barrier against UV rays, protecting plants from the damaging effects of solar radiation.

Application of Kaolin to reduce damage from high temperatures

This is how you should apply refractory clay in woody and extensive crops to protect them from thermal stress and heat stroke. A general dose of 4-6 kg/hl is recommended in woody crops and a minimum of 40 kg/ha, and a dose of 30 kg/ha in extensive crops such as industrial tomato, cotton and pepper. Subsequent maintenance applications can be made at a dose of 3 kg/hl.

The preparation of the broth is done by gradually adding the product to the treatment tank and filling the tank up to 80% of its volume. It is recommended that the agitation system be in operation during the entire application. Wetting agents can be added if necessary.

Precautions must be taken and application postponed in case of wind or risk of rain, and clean the atomizer after use. The product should not be applied to fruits that cannot be washed, brushed and waxed easily after harvest. The traces of kaolin in the fruits treated after harvesting do not affect the quality.


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