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Expanded vermiculite

Expanded vermiculite

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Vermiculite is a natural mineral from the group of micas, formed mainly by silicates of iron and magnesium. Extraction takes place in open pit mines and is then processed to separate rocks and impurities. The mineral is classified by size and subjected to a heat treatment, known as exfoliation, which allows the mineral to expand. This exfoliation capacity reaches up to 12 times its original volume.

Exfoliated Vermiculite is light, clean and has a high thermal and acoustic insulation value. In addition, it is fireproof, insoluble in water and has the ability to absorb liquids.


Exfoliated Vermiculite has a wide variety of applications, among which are:


  • Creation of mortars and refractory elements.
  • Passive fire protection and mortar manufacturing.
  • In the iron and steel industry, as padding for liquid metals.


  • Excellent for covering seedling trays, maintaining the temperature and humidity of the seed.
  • As a substrate, it can be mixed with organic substrates, providing a differentiated aeration capacity.
  • In animal nutrition, it is used to load a wide variety of nutrients, fatty acids, vitamins and antibiotics in the preparation of animal feed additives.


  • Basic ingredient in the production of lightweight projection plasters.
  • Creation of vermiculite boards or plates, which provide fire resistance, insulation and thermal stability.

This versatility makes Exfoliated Vermiculite an essential product for numerous industries.

Supplier: Mineravi

Available granulometries: 0-1.5 mm., 0.5-3 mm. and 0.54 mm.

Presentation: 80-liter bag and 900-liter Big Bag

Weight: Ranges between 60 and 140 kg. per m3, depending on the granulometry


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