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Amendment for olive trees

Amendment for olive trees

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The amendment for Mineravi Olivos is a balanced and enriched mixture of high quality ingredients designed to nurture and protect olive trees, improving soil quality and promoting healthy growth. This amendment has been carefully formulated to meet the specific needs of olive trees, providing essential nutrients, improving the soil structure and maintaining moisture in the soil. In addition, it is an ecological way of fertilizing your olive trees, since it promotes sustainable agricultural practices in enriching the soil naturally and reducing the need for chemical fertilizers. With the amendment for Olivos de Mineravi, you can take care of your olive trees and the environment at the same time, guaranteeing a healthy and respectful culture of nature.

Main ingredients:

  • Earthworm humus.
  • Aging mushroom compost.
  • Vegetable land.
  • Rice husk.
  • Basalt flour (mineral source and trace elements).


  • Lombriz humus: 25%
  • Aging mushroom compost: 25%
  • Vegetable Earth: 25%
  • Rice peel: 25%
  • Basalt flour: added to enrich the soil with minerals and trace elements.

Key benefits:

  • Nutrition: Our amendment supplies a wide range of essential nutrients that are fundamental to the healthy growth of olive trees. These nutrients include macroements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, as well as micronutrients such as iron, manganese and zinc. By providing these essential nutrients, the amendment helps stimulate the development of roots and olive production. Olives fed adequately produce higher quality olives, which translates into higher quality olive oil in terms of nutritional taste and content.

    Soil structure: The amendment for Olivos de Mineravi is designed to improve soil structure. In increasing the organic matter present in the soil, the formation of aggregates is encouraged and the porosity of the soil is improved. This means that the soil will retain the water better and allow a greater circulation of air and nutrients towards the roots of the olive trees. In addition, the beneficial microbial activity is stimulated, creating a more favorable environment for the growth of roots and the absorption of nutrients.

    Moisture retention: The amendment acts as a natural barrier that retains soil moisture. This is especially beneficial in regions with arid climates or in times of drought, since it reduces the evaporation of soil water and, therefore, decreases the need for frequent irrigation. The roots of the olive trees remain hydrated and protected, which favors their health and allows optimal development even under conditions of water scarcity.

    Soil protection: Our amendment not only nourishes your olive trees, but also protects the ground that surrounds them. It acts as a protective layer that avoids soil erosion caused by rain or wind. In addition, this padding protects the roots of mechanical damage olive trees, such as soil compaction due to traffic or contact with agricultural machinery. It also helps maintain a more stable temperature on the ground, avoiding extreme changes that can negatively affect roots growth.

Application instructions:

  1. Clean the area around the olive trees, removing weeds and plant remains.
  2. Apply a layer of the amendment for Mineravi olive trees around the base of each tree, creating a "rodeo" around the tree.
  3. I water the area to allow the amendment and the ground to mix properly and that the nutrients reach the roots of the olive trees.

Presentation and availability:

  • The amendment for Olivos de Mineravi is available in Big Bag of 1,000 liters.

In summary, the amendment for Olivos de Mineravi is an investment in the health and productivity of your olive trees. Not only supplies the necessary nutrients for vigorous growth and a production of quality olives, but also improves the soil, retains moisture and protects the roots of the olive trees, all in a single product. With Mineravi, you can take care of your olive trees and promote a sustainable and healthy crop.


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