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Dunita Olivina | Magnesium revitalizer

Dunita Olivina | Magnesium revitalizer

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Dunita Olivina is an agricultural amendment of natural origin rich in magnesium, an essential nutrient for the correct vegetative development of plants. This magnetic revitalizing is extracted from volcanic rocks and its use provides multiple benefits to agricultural soils, improving the nutrition of plants and the quality of crops.

Benefits and characteristics:

  • Magnesium contribution: It contributes to the balance of nutrients in the soil, providing magnesium that is fundamental in the synthesis of chlorophyll and enzymes.
  • Improve photosynthesis: Optimizes the photosynthesis process and increases the energy efficiency of plants.
  • PH regulator: It can help neutralize acid soils, improving the availability of other nutrients.
  • Soil structure: It improves porosity and aeration of the soil, favoring a strong root system.
  • Stress resistance: It raises the resistance of plants against diseases and environmental stress.
  • Ecological: Natural product, without chemical additives, suitable for sustainable agriculture practices.

Use and application: Ideal for all types of crops that require an extra contribution of magnesium, especially those that present symptoms of deficiency of this element. Dunita Olivina can be applied directly to the ground before planting or during the growth cycle as amendment. For optimal integration, it is recommended to mix it with the ground or incorporate it during land preparation work.

Available presentations:

  • Big Bag of 1,000 liters
  • 25 kg bag

Use suggestion: The dosage will depend on the specific needs of the soil and crop, so it is advisable to perform a previous soil analysis. In general terms, an application of 500 to 1,000 kg per hectare is recommended.


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