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Cal Viva Dolomita Granulada (Cal Dolomita Magnesiana)

Cal Viva Dolomita Granulada (Cal Dolomita Magnesiana)

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  • Shape: Granulada
  • Granulomettrua: 3-8 mm
  • Composition:
    • Calcium oxydo (Cao): 55% in a state of oxide.
    • Magnesium Oxydo (MGO): 35% in a state of oxide.
    • Oligo-Elements: Copper, zinc, among others.
  • Use tips: An application of 0.6 to 0.8 tons per hectare is recommended, according to the specific needs of the soil.
  • Advantages:
    • Fast action on the pH of acidic soils, balancing it towards a neutral pH close to 7.
    • It provides a significant amount of calcium that acts effectively in the elevation of the soil pH.
    • Magnesium is essential for the synthesis of chlorophyll and participates in various synthetic functions of the plant, avoiding loss of yield due to antagonism between potassium and magnesium.
    • It helps to obtain a mature and rich soil in humus.
  • recommendations:
    • It is vital not to exceed the dose indicated to avoid an imbalance in the soil.
    • Perform a soil analysis prior to the application to determine the specific needs.
  • Container: Big Bag of 1 m³
  • Neutralizing value: 102

Live Granulada Dolomita is an excellent amendment for those soils that require rapid correction of its acidity and a magnesium contribution. By providing both calcium and magnesium, this product is an integral solution to improve soil health and fertility. It is always essential to follow the recommended indications and dosages to obtain the best results.


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