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The pine cortex of offers a superior physical amendment to improve the texture and welfare of the soil. Available in 5-15 mm granulometries, 15-25 mm, 25-40 mm, and 40-60 mm, our pine crust is ideal for various applications in the garden and landscaping.

Uses and benefits:

  • Soil structure: Increase porosity and avoid compaction.
  • Water conservation: Help to moisture retention, reducing the frequency of irrigation.
  • Weed control: Suppress the growth of weeds naturally.
  • Decor: Add aesthetic beauty to roads and splints.
  • Root protection: It acts as a protective mantle against thermal fluctuations.

Presentation and containers: We offer flexibility and comfort with various packaging sizes:

  • 70 liter bag: Perfect for small projects or touch -ups.
  • Big Bag of 1 m³: Ideal for more extensive applications.
  • Big Bale of 2.7 m³: Optimal for large green spaces or commercial use.

Recommendations for use: Perfect for decorative and functional gardening, it is recommended to spread a layer of pine bark over the desired application and watering area to settle. Its diversity of sizes allows uses from the coverage of large areas to the detailed decoration in pots and edges.

With the pine crust of, your garden will become a space of vitality and natural aesthetics, while fostering the health of your plants and soils.


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