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Coconut fiber substrate Block 5 kg.

Coconut fiber substrate Block 5 kg.

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Briquettes of dehydrated coconut fiber 8 mm. High quality without fine dust, 5 kg. Each unit, each block of 5 kg. Once hydrated they become about 65 liters of coconut substrate.

Here are some characteristics and uses of these products:

  1. Sustainable material: Coconut fiber, also known as coir, is a byproduct of the coconut industry. Its use in gardening is a way to recycle this material sustainably.

  2. High water retention capacity: Coconut fiber can retain a significant amount of water without saturating, which makes it ideal for plants that require a wet but well drained soil.

  3. Good aeration: Despite its ability to retain water, coconut fiber also allows excellent aeration. This is crucial for the healthy development of roots and avoids problems such as rot.

  4. Neutral pH: Unlike other organic substrates such as peat, coconut fiber usually has a more neutral pH, which is beneficial for a wide range of plants.

  5. Use in hydroponic culture: In hydroponic systems, where plants are grown without soil, coconut fiber provides a physical means to support plants and retain nutrients.

  6. Easy transport and storage: Dehydrated blocks and briquettes are compact and light, which facilitates their transport and storage. They expand by adding water, which makes them a substrate ready to use.

  7. No fine dust: The absence of fine dust in these products means that they are less likely to compact and maintain their airy structure, which is better for plants' roots.

  8. Diverse applications: In addition to their use in horticulture, these products are also used in seed germination, as a substrate for pots in pots, in vertical gardens and in the rehabilitation of degraded soils.

In summary, dehydrated coconut fiber blocks and biquettes are an ecological and effective option for plant cultivation, especially valued for their water retention capacity, good aeration, and versatility of use.


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