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Biochar Carbon Actiforce

Biochar Carbon Actiforce

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Biochar Carbon Actiforce is an innovative soil amendment, designed to significantly improve the quality and productivity of your crops. This product, elaborated through a careful biomass pyrolysis process, offers a porous structure that optimizes water and nutrient retention, while encouraging the beneficial microbial activity on the soil.

Main benefits

  • It improves soil structure: The porosity of Biochar Carbon Actiforce helps maintain a good aeration and soil structure, facilitating the growth of the roots.
  • Water and nutrient retention: Acts as a sponge, retaining essential water and nutrients, reducing the need for frequent irrigation and fertilization.
  • Promote microbial activity: It provides an ideal habitat for beneficial microorganisms, promoting a healthier and more balanced soil ecosystem.
  • Sustainability: It helps to capture and store carbon on the ground, contributing to the mitigation of climate change.


Biochar Carbon Actiforce is ideal for a wide variety of agricultural and gardening applications, including:

  • Agricultural crops: It improves soil fertility and crop productivity.
  • Horticulture: It provides a healthier and more balanced soil for the growth of ornamental and edible plants.
  • Soil rehabilitation: Useful for the recovery of degraded or contaminated soils.


We offer Biochar Carbon Actiforce in Big Bags of 1000 liters, facilitating its transport and application in large surfaces.

Instructions for use

To obtain the best results, mix Biochar Carbon Actiforce with the soil in a 10-20%proportion, depending on the specific needs of their crops and soil conditions. It can be applied both in soil preparation before planting and in superficial coverage around established plants.

Order and contact

To make an order or request more information, visit or contact us directly through our online form. Our team of experts is available to advise you on the proper use of Biochar Carbon Actiforce to maximize the benefits in their agricultural or gardening practice.

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