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Basalt gravel 7200 CGS paramagnetism

Basalt gravel 7200 CGS paramagnetism

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Our "filtration basalt gravel" offers exceptional value, not only as a filter medium in industrial and agricultural water filtration, but also as a revolutionary agronomic resource to improve soil paramagnetism. Extracted from pure volcanic rock, this gravel is characterized by its resistance, durability and a high level of paramagnetism, measured in 7200 mcgs.


  1. Water filtration Used in filter beds, our basalt gravel effectively retains impurities and sediments, allowing only clean water to advance towards additional filtration stages. Its robust structure guarantees a long useful life and constant performance in industrial and agricultural conditions.

  2. Agricultural improvement and increased paramagnetism in vineyards When spreading the 1-3 mm size basalt gravel in vineyard floors, a series of crucial agricultural benefits is promoted:

    • Soil structure: The incorporation of Basalto improves aeration and drainage, facilitating a healthy root environment for vines.
    • Mineral release: The basalt gradually releases essential minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium, which are absorbed by plants, thus enriching nutrition and supporting the robust development of vines.
    • Paramagnetism: The high level of basalt paramagnetism positively affects the structure of water and biological activity in the soil. This can increase the efficiency of photosynthesis and improve the metabolism of plants, resulting in higher quality grapes and more productive vineyards.
    • Sustainability: This natural approach reduces dependence on chemical fertilizers, supporting more sustainable and ecological cultivation practices.


  • Durability and resistance: Ideal for prolonged use in demanding conditions both in filtration and in agricultural applications.
  • Positive environmental impact: Promotes sustainable cultivation practices and improves soil health.
  • Economic efficiency: Reduces the need for frequent chemical interventions, decreasing long -term costs.

Conclusion Our "basalt gravel for filtration" is more than a simple filter medium; It is an investment in the health and productivity of its land. Ideal for farmers, winemakers and filtration systems operators that seek efficacy and sustainability. Add this product to its agricultural strategy and observe how it transforms its soil and harvest.


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