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Sand Pool filter

Sand Pool filter

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Arena Pool filter: Clarity and superior purity with Mineravi

On, we understand the importance of maintaining the water in its impeccable and healthy pool. Therefore, we are proud to offer our pool filter sand, specifically designed to provide exceptional filtration. Made with silica of the highest quality, this sand is the definitive solution for all its pool filtration requirements.

Characteristics and benefits

Effective filtration: Our Pool filter sand, composed of pure silica, is ideal to capture and retain all kinds of impurities and particles. Its precise granulometry allows optimal water clarity, eliminating the finest particles that can cause turbidity.

Variety of sizes: We understand that each filtration system has its own requirements. Therefore, we offer our sand in a full range of sizes that includes 0.3-0.6 mm, 1-2 mm, 2-3 mm, 3-5 mm and 4-8 mm. This variety guarantees compatibility with a wide range of filters, from small domestic units to large industrial systems.

Prolonged durability: Thanks to its resistance to degradation and its stable structure, the Mineravi pool filter is not only ensures durable performance, but also reduces the frequency of change necessary, offering a long -term solution for maintaining its pool.

Easy to use: Available in practical bags of 25 kg and big bags of 1,000 kg, our sand adapts to both specific needs and large -scale projects, always guaranteeing manipulation and efficient use.

Why choose Mineravi pool filter?

Opting the Mineravi pool filter means means choosing a product that improves water quality, extends the useful life of its filtration equipment and optimizes the general maintenance of its pool. Our premium quality silica sand not only meets their expectations but also surpasses them, ensuring that each bath is a clean and refreshing experience.


For more information about our pool filter sand and how you can transform the clarity of your pool, visit Discover how our high quality products can be the key to efficient and effective maintenance of your pool.


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