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Yellow sand joints 0-1 mm.

Yellow sand joints 0-1 mm.

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Our fine yellow sand, with a granulometry of 0-1 mm, is the perfect choice to achieve professional and aesthetically attractive finishes. Its intense and homogeneous yellow color perfectly complements the yellow concrete blocks, such as those of prefabricated Adybor, providing a uniform finish and in the same tone as the blocks. Its fineness allows very small together, ideal for those meticulous and precise finishes that your project deserves.


  • Boards for concrete blocks: Its yellow and fineness tone make it perfect for joints between concrete blocks, especially those of yellow tone.
  • Together for cobblestones and rustic tiles: Ideal for those rustic finishes with a uniform tone.
  • Yellow mortars and concrete: Perfect for those projects where we seek to maintain a uniform yellow aesthetic in mortars and concrete.
  • Mineral load for polymers: Many of our clients use it as an essential mineral load in the manufacture of polymers, highlighting its properties and tone in their projects.


  • Granulometry: 0-1 mm
  • Color: Intense yellow
  • Texture: Fine and dry
  • Origin: Controlled and sustainable

Available formats:

  • Big Bag: 1,000 kg
  • Backs: 20 kg (on request)


  • Color uniformity: Guarantees a uniform yellow tone in your projects.
  • Reduced joints: Its fine granulometry allows very small joints, perfect for precise precise


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