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Anti-Trip Mesh, small insects

Anti-Trip Mesh, small insects

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This mesh is specially designed to protect your crops from small insects, harmful such as trips, aphids, minators, beetles, white fly, etc., which can threaten the production of your crops.

The anti-trips mesh offers a double function: protect your crops against wind intensity and regulates the entry of sunlight, allowing better temperature control and humidity level within the greenhouse. This results in a favorable development of vegetation and the uniformity of plants.

The most common types of this mesh are 10x16 and 10x20, which you can select according to the climate of your area. Important to emphasize that these meshes also prevent the output of beneficial insects when cultivation systems are used by biological struggle.

CHARACTERISTICS Anti grip, anti Aphids

10 x 16 10 x 20
Warp: 16 threads 20 threads
Plot: 10 threads 10 threads
Thread diameter 0.25 mm 0.23 mm
U.V. 500 500
Mechanical strength 110 45
Weight (gr / m2) approx. 135 grs. / m2 approx 145 grs. /M2 approx.
Color Glass Glass
Components Polyethylene and stabilizers Polyethylene and stabilizers
Light coverage 29% 36%
Porosity 71% 64%
POROMETRY 0.27 x 0.97 % 0.27 x 0.77 %
Long (roll) in rolls of 100 m in rolls of 100 m
Wide 1 meters and 4 meters 1 meters and 4 meters

Most frequent uses: This mesh is frequently used in greenhouses for pumpkin crops, watermelon, cucumber, melon, potato, tomato, eggplant, chili and chili pepper. In addition, it is used for the spread of mother plants, intensive horticultural production and floriculture.

Main advantages: The anti-trips mesh offers a long duration, better ventilation and moisture control within the greenhouse, protection against excess sun of up to 24%, and avoids the use of phytosanitary products to combat pests. Its use can result in a significant increase in productivity.

Why use anti -topic meshes? The alterations that viruses can cause in plants are harmful: they reduce photosynthesis, growth hormones, production of nitrogen compounds and carbohydrates, and increase breathing and inhibitory substances of growth. Anti-Trips mesh helps prevent these problems, ensuring the well-being of your crops.


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