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Alabaster Sand Extra white powder

Alabaster Sand Extra white powder

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Alabaster powder and sand

We have different granulometries of micronized alabaster powder, selected and classified with extra whiteness, Cie 97 Value, for use as mineral load in composites, plastic, silicones, polymer concretes and paintings.


Alabaster as an agricultural amendment

In an off-white color and in different granulometries we have alabaster powder for use in agriculture as a fertilizer, mineral amendment and soil conditioner, available granulometries 200 microns, 0-1 mm. and 0-3mm.


Special alabaster sand for making microcement

The granulometry 0.2-0.6 mm. Extra blank is perfect for manufacturing microcements.


Alabaster sand for livestock, for cow beds.

Alabaster sand 0-3 mm. absorbent and adsorbent (attracts and retains gases, vapors and liquids) which promotes the health of animals in general and the udders of dairy cows in particular.


Alabaster sand as an absorbent for liquid spills

In off-white color and granulometry 0-1 mm. It is perfect for collecting liquid spills such as fuel, oils and viscous products in general.



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