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Absorbent for Dolomita gas stains

Absorbent for Dolomita gas stains

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Recommended use: Control and management of spills in gas stations and related areas.

Product description:

The Absorbent dolomite It is an economic and ecological solution specially designed for the effective management of gasoline spills, oil, diesel and other oil derivatives in gas stations and similar environments. Finely ground to a granulometry of 0.5 mm, this dolomite guarantees a stable absorption of unwanted fluids, ensuring efficient cleaning and a safe work environment.

Key features:

  • Granulometry: 0.5 mm
  • Available presentations: 20 kg bag, 500 kg Big Bag, and Big Bag of 1,000 kg
  • Origin: Mineral Product of closeness
  • Ecology: 100% natural and ecological material
  • Durability: Does not expire and maintains its absorbent properties indefinitely under adequate storage conditions


  1. Economic:

    • A cost-efficient alternative compared to traditional absorbents such as sepiolita.
  2. Ecological:

    • Produced locally, reducing the carbon footprint related to transport.
    • Natural material that does not negatively affect the environment.
  3. Versatility:

    • Suitable for the absorption of a variety of liquids, including gasoline, oil and diesel.
    • It can be used in different areas of the gas station.
  4. Convenience:

    • Available in various packaging sizes to meet different needs and storage spaces.
    • The material can be used according to the need, without worries about its expiration.
  5. Security:

    • Minimizes the risks of slippers and falls by quickly absorbing liquid spills.
    • It helps maintain a safe and clean work environment for employees and customers.


  • Spill absorption: Ideal for rapid absorption of fuel spills and other liquids.
  • General cleaning: Useful for general maintenance and routine cleaning in the areas of service and refueling.
  • Environmental Protection: Prevention of ground and groundwater pollution by effectively controlling spills.

Mode of use:

  • Generously sprinkle the absorbent dolomite on the spill or spot until it is completely covered.
  • Allow the material to absorb the liquid for a few minutes.
  • Sweep or collect the absorbent material and have it according to local waste waste regulations.


  • Store in a dry and fresh place.
  • Make sure the packaging is well closed to avoid moisture entry.


Gas stations are dynamic environments and often subject to small spills and spots that require immediate attention. The Absorbent dolomite Not only does it guarantee a rapid and effective response but also offers a sustainable and economically viable solution for the integral maintenance of these facilities. It is the perfect ally to maintain clean, safe and operational service stations, without sacrificing the quality of the service or the safety of the environment.


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