Collection: paints and coatings

Welcome to! We are proud to present our new collection of technical minerals for the paint and coatings industry. This range of products includes calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, powdered dolomite, among others, all meticulously selected and processed to provide optimal optical and mechanical performance.

Our calcium carbonates are known to offer an ideal balance in any paint or coating formulation. With the proper selection of our products, properties such as opacity, gloss, whiteness and rub resistance can be enhanced without increasing formulation costs.

In addition, our ultra-micronized grades allow us to optimize the consumption of titanium dioxide and other extenders, such as precipitated carbonates (PCC) and calcined kaolins. In solvent-based systems and powder paints, our range of surface-treated products offers minimal binder demand, while providing hydrophobicity and perfect dispersion.

In high PVC paints, our minerals provide high whiteness, resistance to wet rubbing and low sheen, with a low resin demand. In addition, they are ideal for replacing TiO2 extenders, such as PCC and calcined kaolin.

For low PVC paints, our minerals also offer high whiteness and gloss, with the ability to extend TiO2 and replace other TiO2 extenders. In addition, they require low resin demand, which helps to optimize the cost and efficiency of their formulation.

At, we are committed to providing high-quality minerals that improve the performance and efficiency of your paints and coatings. Explore our new collection today and find out how our technical minerals can elevate the quality and performance of your products. We are here to help you on your innovation journey in the paints and coatings industry!