Collection: Filtration drinks

Our high-quality products guarantee efficient and safe filtration to protect the flavor, aroma and quality of your favorite drinks.

Our selection includes:

  1. Diatoms: These naturally occurring minerals, composed primarily of fossilized diatom remains, are perfect for clarifying and stabilizing liquids. Diatomaceous earths offer a high solids retention capacity, making them an ideal choice for filtering wines, beers, and other products.

  2. Perlites: Perlite is a volcanic mineral with great filtering capacity and excellent porosity, which allows rapid and effective filtration. Its structure and composition make it suitable for use in a wide range of applications, from the food industry to the chemical industry.

  3. Cellulose and other filter aids: We have plant-based filter aids, such as cellulose, which are ideal for improving the clarity and quality of your beverages. These natural products allow for smoother and more effective filtration compared to other chemical or synthetic methods.

  4. Activated Carbon: Activated carbon is a highly porous material that is widely used for purification and deodorization of liquids. Our activated carbon is ideal for removing impurities and undesirable flavors in a wide range of beverages, including wines, beers, spirits, and fruit solutions.