Collection: Animal substrates

In, we are proud to offer a wide collection of Animal Substrates saw inhabitants. Our products are designed to provide a natural, safe and healthy environment for a variety of pets, from aquariums to Terrarios and Aquascaping environments. The collection includes quartz gravels, desert sand and volcanic gravel, among other specialized products, all made with natural and chemical materials.

Our collection includes:

  1. Quartz gravels for aquarium substrate:

    • Natural and safe: Made of pure quartz, our gravels provide a stable and attractive substrate for fresh and salted water aquariums.
    • Variety of sizes: Available in multiple sizes to adapt to different decorative and functional needs.
    • Easy maintenance: Its structure facilitates the circulation of water and the healthy growth of aquatic plants.
  2. Desert sand for reptiles:

    • Imitate the natural habitat: Our desert sand is designed to replicate the natural environments of desert reptiles.
    • Heat retention: It provides a warm substrate that helps reptiles to regulate their body temperature.
    • Safe and non -toxic: Free of chemical additives, guaranteeing the safety of your reptiles.
  3. Volcanic gravel for Aquascaping:

    • Porous structure: Ideal for Aquascaping, volcanic gravel improves water circulation and provides essential nutrients to plants.
    • Stable base: Perfect to hold stone structures and wooden roots without slipping.
    • Nutrients and minerals: It provides a prolonged supply of nutrients and minerals, favoring vigorous growth of aquatic plants.
  4. Other specialized substrates:

    • Terrarium substrates: We offer a variety of substrates for different types of terrarias, adapted to the specific needs of reptiles and amphibians.
    • Aquatic plants substrates: Specialized mixtures that promote healthy growth and stability of aquatic plants.

Benefits of animal substrates saw habit:

  • NATURAL MATERIALS: All our substrates are made of natural materials, without added chemicals, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for your pets.
  • Easy maintenance: Designed to facilitate the cleaning and maintenance of the habitat of your pets.
  • Aesthetics and functionality: They combine an attractive appearance with the necessary functionality to promote the well -being of animals and the growth of plants.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide variety of applications, from aquariums and terrarias to Aquascaping projects.

On, we are committed to the well -being of your pets. Explore our collection of animal substrates saw inhabitants and discover how our products can transform the surroundings of your pets, providing them with a natural, safe and enriching space.