Collection: Paper and paperboard

Welcome to, your trusted supplier of technical minerals for the paper and board industry! We are pleased to present our new collection of products, which includes calcium carbonates, calcium sulphates, dolomite, kaolin and other essential minerals for this industry.

Our technical minerals, recommended for the paper mass, contribute to a high retention during the sheet formation process. This allows a maximum substitution of the cellulose fiber, resulting in an increase in the whiteness and opacity of the paper, as well as a reduction in the consumption of optical brightener.

Mineravi's calcium carbonates, ideal for coating and pre-coating paper and cardboard, reduce the consumption of kaolin. With these, you can achieve greater whiteness while maintaining high levels of brightness and opacity.

In mass loading, our minerals offer advantages such as high whiteness, reduced fiber consumption, high fiber retention, improved surface smoothness of the paper and greater dimensional stability of the paper, among other benefits.

For coating and pre-coating applications, our products provide high whiteness, thixotropic rheology of the coating sauce, high coating speed, high gloss of the paper or board and improved ink retention on the surface. They also contribute to reducing the consumption of optical brighteners and kaolin in the top layer, thus increasing the TAPPI brightness of the coated paper and the calendering speed.

At, we strive to provide high-quality technical minerals that enhance the performance and efficiency of your paper and board products. Browse our new collection today and find out how we can help you meet your production goals. We are here to make your production process more efficient and profitable!