Collection: Eco Bio fertilizers

Welcome to the fertilizer collection. We strive to offer nutritional solutions for plants of the highest quality, and divide our products into three essential categories: organic, inorganic and mineral fertilizers.

  • Organic fertilizers: Organic matter, such as plants and animals, these fertilizers freely release nutrients, benefiting long -term soils and improving their structure.

  • Inorganic fertilizers: Industrially manufactured, they offer a rapid correction of nutritional deficiencies, providing almost immediate results.

  • Mineral fertilizers: In Mineravi, we are particularly proud of our range of mineral fertilizers. These products, such as basalt flour, enrich the ground with essential minerals and traces. In addition, we have designed special mixtures, such as the combination of 80% basalt flour with 20% earthworm humus, which combines the best of both worlds.

Immerse yourself in our wide range and find the perfect option to revitalize and nurture your soils at