Collection: Compost

Compost is an essential organic fertilizer in gardening and agriculture, and a pillar of sustainable practices. It is obtained through the composting process, which transforms organic waste into a nutrient rich product, perfect to enrich the soil and feed the plants.

Types of compost

  • Vegetable compost: It derives from plant remains and is ideal for increasing the organic matter of the soil, improving its structure and water retention capacity.

  • Animal compost: It comes from cattle, birds or horses, and is a rich source of nitrogen, essential for the healthy growth of plants.

Our products

In, we offer from the pure and nutritious Earthworm humus, an excellent fertilizer that improves the aeration and drainage of the soil, even Specialized mixtures that combine humus with other organic amendments to provide a rich diversity of nutrients.

Quality Organic Fertilizer

Compost is not only a fertilizer that provides essential nutrients, but also activates soil life. It is a first choice for those who seek to promote a healthy and sustainable growth environment for their crops.