Collection: Agriculture accessories

Meshes and crop protection:

  1. Anti-Granizo mesh
  2. Shadow meshes
  3. Anti-Avs mesh
  4. Anti-insects
  5. Protection tunnels for plantations

Support systems and tutors:

  1. Viñedos related cables
  2. Stakes and support rods
  3. Trutors for trees and bushes
  4. Guiding systems for climbing plants
  5. Anchors and connectors for support structures

Application tools and equipment:

  1. Wheelbarrows and sprayers to enlar
  2. Sprinklers for fertilizers and amendments
  3. Pruning tools (scissors, serruchos, etc.)
  4. Atomizers and nebulizers for phytosanitary treatments
  5. Irrigation and sprinkling equipment

Irrigation and water management:

  1. Drip and micro-irrigation systems
  2. Irrigation hoses and accessories
  3. Water deposits and tanks
  4. Pumps and pumping stations
  5. Water filtration filters and systems

Fertilization and soil management:

  1. Fertilizer and seeds
  2. Plows and cultivators for soil preparation
  3. Liquid fertilizer injectors
  4. Cubas and trailers for manure
  5. Composting systems

Personal protective equipment (EPP):

  1. Work gloves
  2. Masks and respiratory protection
  3. Safety glasses
  4. Resistant work clothes
  5. Safety boots and footwear

Automation and technology:

  1. Climate monitoring systems
  2. Soil moisture sensors
  3. Chambers and crop surveillance drones
  4. Agricultural Management Software
  5. Irrigation control and automation systems

Other accessories and supplies:

  1. Tags and markers for plants
  2. Networks and canvases for fruit collection
  3. Graft and tied tapes
  4. Bags and bags for collection and storage
  5. Cleaning and disinfection products of tools and equipment