Collection: Sandblasting

If you are looking high quality blasting materials, our online store,, offers you an unmatched variety. From deep surface cleaning to delicate restorations, we have what you need.

List of Sands and Materials for Blasting on

  • HC Angular Steel Shot: Ideal for superficial treatments.
  • Round Shot: For uniform finishes.
  • Angular Shot: Finished with precision.
  • Wire Shot - Cut Wire: Resistance and efficiency.
  • Sintered Bauxite: Sustainable blasting.
  • GARNET or Garnet: Perfect for deep cleaning.
  • Brown Corundum or Brown Aluminum Oxide: Guaranteed durability.
  • White Corundum or White Aluminum Oxide: For finer finishes.
  • Glass spheres - Glass Beads: Ideal for delicate restorations.
  • Glass Granules: Environmentally friendly blasting.
  • Olivine or Olivine Sand: Safe and ecological.
  • EXCELLENT Grit - Aluminum Silicate: Efficiency in every grain.
  • DOLOMITE: Robust and reliable.
  • ECOSTRIP - Calcium Carbonate: Cleaning without damage.
  • SOFTBLAST: For the finest jobs.
  • Plastic Shot: Flexibility in blasting.

At, we not only offer products, but also solutions. Each type of sand for blasting or material in our collection is designed to meet a specific need. So, whether you are a professional or a DIY enthusiast, we invite you to explore our collection and discover how we can help you successfully complete your next project.