Collection: Basalt flour for olive trees

Basalt flour agricultural amendments are increasingly used in agriculture due to their benefits for soil quality and crop production, including olive trees.

Basalt flour is a natural material made from finely ground volcanic rock. It contains a large amount of essential plant minerals and nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron. These nutrients help strengthen the root system of olive trees and promote healthy growth.

In addition, basalt flour has the ability to retain soil moisture and improve soil structure. This means that the roots of the olive trees have a favorable environment for their growth and can better absorb nutrients from the soil.

Basalt flour better taste of olive

As for fruit flavor, studies have shown that crops grown in soils enriched with basalt flour can have a richer flavor and higher nutritional quality due to the higher amount of minerals and nutrients in the fruit. ground.

In summary, basalt flour agricultural amendments are an effective and natural option to improve soil quality and crop production, including olive trees. In addition, they can improve the flavor and nutritional quality of the fruit.