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Volcanic substrate for aquariums - saw inhabitants

Volcanic substrate for aquariums - saw inhabitants

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He Volcanic substrate for aquariums saw inhabitants It is the perfect basis to create a healthy and aesthetically pleasant aquatic environment. Available in three sizes (fine 3-6 mm, medium 6-12 mm, and thick 12-20 mm) and two colors (reddish and natural), this substrate is designed to improve the aquarium structure and promote the vigorous growth of floors.

Characteristics and benefits:

  1. Stable base for structures:

    • Firm support: It provides a stable base for stone structures and wooden roots, ideal for aquascaping and natural aquariums.
    • Do not sink: Volcanic rocks hook each other, creating a safe base that does not move.
  2. Circulation and oxygenation:

    • Porous structure: It guarantees excellent water circulation at the bottom of the aquarium, providing oxygen and nutrients to the roots of the plants.
    • Nutrient supply: The porosity of the substrate allows efficient penetration of essential nutrients and minerals such as iron, boron and manganese.
  3. Plant growth:

    • Healthy roots: It provides a prolonged supply of nutrients and minerals, ensuring vigorous growth of plants.
    • Water circulation: The porous structure of the substrate favors optimal oxygenation and water circulation, essential for the development of plants.
  4. Natural and safe:

    • Natural product: Made of natural volcanic rock, it is safe and non -toxic to the inhabitants of the aquarium.
    • Algae prevention: It favors the colonization of beneficial bacteria that help prevent the appearance of harmful algae such as cyanobacteria.
    • Treatment: This substrate has received a treatment, without use of chemicals, to ensure that it is completely safe for use in animals. 

Recommended Uses:

  • Aquascaping: Ideal to create aquatic landscapes full of fantasy or imitate natural habitats.
  • Base substrate: Perfect for natural aquariums and as a basis for decorative stone and wood structures.
  • Nutrient circulation: It improves the circulation of water and the distribution of essential nutrients in the aquarium.

Sizes and presentations:

  • Available sizes:
    • Fine: 3-6 mm
    • Medium: 6-12 mm
    • Thick: 12-20 mm
  • Available colours:
    • Reddish
    • Natural
  • Available containers:
    • 9 -liter bag
    • 15 -liter bag

Guide to concrete with volcanic substrate:

  1. Preparation of materials:

    • Volcanic substrate saw habit: Amount needed according to the volume of the aquarium.
    • Cement and water: To obtain a working mixture.
  2. Step by step instructions:

    • Step 1: Place the volcanic substrate in a large container or a truck.
    • Step 2: Add cement in the recommended proportion (1 part of cement per 4 parts of volcanic substrate).
    • Step 3: Mix the dry ingredients until you get a uniform color.
    • Step 4: Add water gradually while mixing until you get a homogeneous and working consistency.
    • Step 5: Pour the mixture into the mold or work area, distributing it evenly.
    • Step 6: Alisa the surface with a plain to obtain a smooth and uniform finish.
    • Step 7: Let the concrete cure properly before submitting it to loads or stress.

Volcanic substrate weight:

  • Approximate density: 0.85 kg/l
  • 9 -liter sack weight: Approximately 7.65 kg
  • 15 -liter sack weight: Approximately 12.75 kg

Transform your aquarium with the volcanic substrate for aquariums Vio inhabitant, providing a natural, stable and nutritious environment for your aquatic plants and creating a beautiful and healthy underwater landscape. Available now at


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