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Special Substrate Vegetables

Special Substrate Vegetables

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Special substrate for Mineravi vegetables

The special substrate for Mineravi vegetables is a premium mixture, specifically designed to meet vegetable crops. This balanced formula combines blonde peat, earthworm humus, coconut substrate, vermiculite and silica sand, providing a nutritious and sustainable base for the healthy growth of your vegetables.

Product characteristics:

  • Components:

    • Blonde peat: 
    • Earthworm humus: 
    • Coconut substrate: 
    • Vermiculite: 
    • Silica sand: 
  • Properties:

    • Light and porous texture for excellent root development.
    • Rich in nutrients and beneficial microorganisms.
    • Neutral pH (6-7), ideal for most vegetables.
    • It provides excellent moisture drainage and retention.
    • Stable and durable, maintains its properties for a long time.


  • Growth optimization: It fosters strong roots and healthy plants.
  • Improvement of soil structure: It ensures adequate drainage and prevents compaction.
  • Balanced nutrition: It provides a combination of essential organic nutrients and minerals.
  • Versatile use: Ideal for seedlings, urban orchards and gardening in containers.
  • Environmental friendly: Composed of natural and sustainable ingredients.

Use and application:

  • Ideal for: Seed germination and vegetable cultivation.
  • Application: Distribute a uniform layer over the plantation area or fill pots and containers.
  • Integration: Mix slightly with the native soil if necessary.

Available presentations:

  • Big Bag: 1,000 liters for large -scale projects.
  • Sacos: 35 liters, perfect for domestic gardeners and smaller applications.


  • Store in a dry place and protect from excessive humidity.
  • Avoid direct inhalation of dust when manipulating the product.
  • Keep out of the reach of domestic children and animals.

The special substrate for Mineravi vegetables is your ally for a successful and sustainable vegetable cultivation, providing all the advantages of a high quality substrate. Make your order today and take your vegetables to the next level!


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