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Diatom Earth

Diatom Earth

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Diatomaceous Earth for Agriculture and Animal Deworming

Offered by, leaders in sustainable solutions with technical minerals.

Product description: Diatomaceous Earth is a natural product derived from fossil microalgae, recognized for its versatility and effectiveness in both agriculture and animal care. This eco-friendly solution improves the health of your crops and helps deworm your animals without the need for aggressive chemicals.

Main Features:

  • Agriculture:

    • Biological Pest Control: Protects crops from soft-bodied pests without harming the ecosystem.
    • Soil Conditioner: Optimizes the structure of the soil, enhancing its water retention and aeration.
  • Animal Care:

    • Natural Deworming: Ideal for the treatment and prevention of external parasites in animals.
    • Simple Application: It can be diluted in water or applied dry, according to need.

Available Formats:

  1. Individual bag:

    • Weight: 25kg
    • Perfect for small agricultural plots or sporadic animal care.
  2. Full Pallet:

    • Contains: 42 bags of 25 kg each.
    • Total Weight: 1050kg
    • Ideal for large agricultural areas or regular animal care.

Instructions for use:

  • Agriculture: Spread evenly over desired area.
  • Deworming: Dilute in water to apply during bathing or use dry on specific parasites such as ticks.


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