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Volcanic lava powder fertilizer

Volcanic lava powder fertilizer

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Powerful mineral fertilizer, rich in trace elements, silicon, calcium and magnesium. Strengthen the soil of your crops.

The basis of agricultural production is the soil. In recent years, we have focused on "feeding" the crops and have forgotten the needs of the soil. Volcanic rock flour improves soil fertility and stimulates its biological activity. The result is fertile soil that produces good harvests whatever the crop.
3Mx Organic Farming: Organic Matter - Microorganisms - Minerals

This is a simple model that has worked for millions of years. Today, due to the overexploitation of the soil, we have to try to compensate for the wear and tear of the soil and the imbalance of 3M, and this is where the rock flour does its job, remineralizing the soil to achieve a perfect equation that allows crops more strong and productive.

Advantages of volcanic rock powder

- Universal mineral fertilizer, provides silicon, calcium, magnesium and iron among 70 other minerals.

- Revitalizes soils worn out by the abuse of chemical fertilizers or continuous monoculture, causes the clay-humic complex .

- Soil regenerator, loosens soils, improving their structure for better crop growth, especially in clayey and compact soils.

- Increases soil pH, reduces content of exchangeable acid cations, increases the cation exchange capacity of the soil and increases the content of basic cations in the soil.

- Protects against pests and diseases.

- Retains and conserves moisture

- Its acids dissolve the minerals already present in the soil and the crops benefit from it.

- It prevents the loss of nitrogen

Chemical composition of volcanic stone powder for agriculture :

Calcium Oxide %CaO 12,14
Silicon Oxide %SiO2 43,04
Aluminum Oxide %Al2O3 12.6
Iron Oxide %Fe2O3 13,38
Magnesium Oxide %MgO 10.74
Sulfur Oxide %SO3 0.33
Potassium Oxide %K2O 1.67
Sodium Oxide %Na2O 0.35
Titanium Oxide %TiO2 2.75
Lost Fire P.F 2.87
Reactive Silica SiO2R 27,68

Granulometry of volcanic lava flour

We have 2 granulometries, from 0 to 1 mm. and micronized volcanic rock flour from 0 to 100 microns, that is, 0.1 mm.

Micronized rock flour is more expensive but it compensates by reducing dust because it has a larger contact surface than size 0-1 mm.

Quantity of volcanic rock flour to apply:

In case of spray application with micronized rock, 200 grams per 1 m2 (2 tons per hectare) are sufficient. In the case of 0-1mm rock meal, 400 grams per m2 (4 tons per hectare) is needed. If applied directly to the plant, the amount needed can be reduced by half.

For application through irrigation water, use only micronized rock flour, mix and apply with a continuous agitation machine.


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