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Vio Habit

Voyed Multicolor Quartz Aquariums

Voyed Multicolor Quartz Aquariums

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He Vary Multicolor quartz for aquariums It is the perfect choice to add a touch of color and warmth to your aquarium or fishbowl. This beautiful multicolored gravel not only beautifies your aquatic environment, but also offers all the advantages of natural quartz. Available in three different sizes, this gravel adapts to various decorative and functional needs.

Characteristics and benefits:

  1. Vibrant Aesthetics:

    • Warm colors: The multicolored gravel provides a combination of warm colors that enhance the beauty of your fish and aquatic plants, creating a visually attractive and cozy environment.
    • Variety of sizes: Available in three sizes: fine (1-2 mm), medium (2-4 mm) and thick (4-8 mm), to adapt to different configurations and aquarium styles.
  2. Natural and safe material:

    • Natural Quartz: Made of natural quartz, this substrate is safe and non -toxic, guaranteeing a healthy environment for all the inhabitants of the aquarium.
    • No substance release: Ensures that no harmful substances be released to the water, maintaining the quality of intact water.
  3. Versatility of use:

    • Fresh and salted water aquariums: Ideal for both types of aquariums, offering a versatile and functional option for various aquatic environments.
    • Background design: Perfect to create aquatic landscapes with a degraded depth, improving the visual perspective of the aquarium.
  4. Easy maintenance:

    • Simple preparation: Although the gravel is delivered clean, it is recommended to rinse it before introducing it to the aquarium to eliminate any dust residue.
    • Substrate stability: It provides a stable base for aquatic plants, favoring their growth and development.

Recommended Uses:

  • Decorative Fund for Aquariums: Add a vibrant and natural touch that highlights the beauty of your fish and plants.
  • Substrate for aquatic plants: It offers a solid and stable base for plants' roots, promoting a healthy environment.
  • Fresh and salted water aquariums: Suitable for both types of aquatic environments, providing versatility and functionality.

Why choose from Habit Multicolor quartz for aquariums:

  • Superior quality: High quality natural quartz fact, available in three sizes for different applications.
  • Safe and natural: 100% natural, non -toxic product and without releasing harmful substances, guaranteeing the safety of your aquatic pets.
  • Aesthetics and functionality: It combines an attractive visual aspect with the necessary functionality for plant growth and fish safety.

Sizes availability:

  • Fine (1-2 mm)
  • Medium (2-4 mm)
  • Thick (4-8 mm)

Transforms your aquarium with the Vio Habit Multicolor quartz for aquariums, creating a vibrant, natural and safe environment for your fish and aquatic plants. Available now at


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