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Vermichar Mineravi

Vermichar Mineravi

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Vermichar Mineravi It is an innovative organic amendment designed to improve soil quality, increase fertility and promote the healthy growth of plants. It combines the beneficial properties of earthworm humus, biochar and a mixture of essential minerals. This advanced formula not only improves soil structure, but also increases its water and nutrient retention capacity, providing an optimal environment for the development of plants.


  • Lombriz humus (80%): Rich in nutrients and beneficial microorganisms, improves soil fertility and its structure.
  • Biochar (10%): It increases water and nutrient retention, improves soil structure and acts as a carbon sink.
  • Essential minerals (10%): Includes agricultural plaster, basalt flour and rice peel, which provide additional nutrients, improve soil structure and increase water retention.


Vermichar Mineravi is available in two presentations to adapt to various needs:

  • Big Bag of 1,000 liters
  • 15 -liter bags

Weight of the presentations

  • Big Bag of 1,000 liters: Approximately 600 kg.
  • 15 -liter bags: Approximately 9 kg.

Product benefits

  • Land quality improvement: It increases fertility and improves soil structure, favoring plant growth.
  • Water retention: The combination of biochar and rice peel increases soil capacity to retain water, reducing the need for frequent irrigation.
  • Nutrient contribution: Lombriz humus provides essential nutrients and beneficial microorganisms, while essential minerals provide calcium, sulfur and other trace elements necessary for the healthy development of plants.
  • Environmental sustainability: Use recycled materials and promote sustainable agricultural practices.


  • Agriculture: Improves fertility and soil structure for greater crop productivity.
  • Gardening: Ideal for orchards, gardens and green areas, providing an optimal environment for the growth of ornamental and edible plants.
  • Soil rehabilitation: Useful in the recovery of degraded or contaminated soils, improving their productive capacity and structure.

Instructions for use

  1. Soil preparation:
    • Mix vermichar Mineravi with the ground before planting or planting.
  2. Superficial application:
    • Spread a layer of mineravi vermichar on the existing floor and then incorporate it slightly by rake or superficial tillage.
  3. Composting:
    • Add vermichar Mineravi to compost to improve its quality and accelerate the composting process.


How to use

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