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Ultra fine agricultural plaster

Ultra fine agricultural plaster

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Ultra fine agricultural plaster

What agricultural plaster achieves, in a nutshell:

It is a natural fertilizer that improves the porosity of the soil to favor the circulation of agya, which allows the roots to grow stronger and deeper and make the most of the nutrients in the soil and those provided by the fertilizer.

Uses of calcium sulfate or agricultural plaster.

  • Rehabilitation of sodic soils

  • As a fertilizer, it provides calcium and sulfur directly, and potassium indirectly. Prolonged supply and continuous release of sulfur and calcium due to their solubility.

  • Improves the structure of the soil, stronger and deeper roots, allows the use of nutrients. It is not necessary to fertilize if the soil does not benefit.

  • Regulates acidity and treats aluminum toxicity, expels it and this makes the roots deeper.

    Advantages of agricultural calcium sulfate

    - 100% natural product

    - Economical

    - Easy to apply

    - Reduces the loss of nitrogen into the atmosphere.

    - Corrects the deep acidity of the soil, being more soluble than agricultural lime, reaches deeper than it.

    - Better quality of the fruit, deeper roots, uptake of more nutrients, improvement of crops in general.

    - Promotes water infiltration

    Chemical Formula


    Physical state: Powder

    CAS number : 10101-41-4

    Coulor : greyish white

    Granulometry of agricultural plaster 100 microns.

    Maximum particle size: 100 microns.

    Suitable for irrigation water applications.

    Available in big bag of 1,000 kg., bag 25 kg. and in bulk

    The product complies with European Regulation (EC) 889/2008 on organic farming


    How to use

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