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Turbadol Plus | Mixture Cal Dolomita and Turba

Turbadol Plus | Mixture Cal Dolomita and Turba

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Turbadol Plus is an advanced organic-minine amendment that combines the alkalizing and nutritious properties of the dolomite with the organic benefits of peat. This product is designed to enrich the soil, correcting deficiencies and improving its structure. Turbadol Plus is aimed at farmers and gardeners who wish to promote a healthy and sustainable growth environment.

Presentation: Available in Big Bags of 1,000 liters, Turbadol Plus is practical for use in large -scale agriculture, gardening and vegetable crops and fruits.

Benefits and uses:

  • Soil pH correction: The dolomite is known for its ability to neutralize acid soils, raising the pH and making the environment more conducive to a wide range of plants.

  • ESSENTIAL NUTRIENT CONTRIBUTION: Being rich in calcium and magnesium, Turbadol Plus helps prevent and correct nutritional deficiencies, improving the health and vigor of plants.

  • Improvement of soil structure: The peat included improves moisture retention and nutrients, while increasing porosity and biological activity in the soil.

  • Versatile use: Turbadol Plus is suitable for all types of crops, especially those that require an additional contribution of magnesium.

Recommendations for use: To obtain the best results, apply Turbadol Plus during soil preparation before planting or at the beginning of the growth season. It is ideal for orchards, crop fields, ornamental gardens and areas where the soil requires a pH adjustment and nutritional enrichment.

Turbadol Plus is the perfect choice for those who seek an integral solution for soil care and maintenance, providing both long -term improvements and essential nutrition for their crops.


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