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Valued natural land

Valued natural land

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The natural vegetable land valued is the essential starting point for every gardener and farmer that seeks quality at an accessible price. This basic substrate, also known as natural land, plant land or organic land, is the perfect choice for a variety of gardening and agriculture applications.

Names and use: Throughout the world, and depending on the region, this fertile land is known by several names. In Catalonia, for example, it can be called Saulaó, while in other places it is recognized as Topsoil or simply land for plants. Our natural vegetable land is an essential component in the preparation of basic substrates and is the basis on which our ecological substrates are built.

Valued quality: We are proud to offer a 'valued' product, which means that it has gone through a screening process to ensure uniform granulometry. This detail attention guarantees an easy -to -handling and application land, eliminating major impurities and ensuring consistent quality that benefits the development of plants.

Packaging and availability: Available in Big Bags of 1,000 kg, our valued natural vegetable land is the economic option without compromising quality. These Big Bags facilitate transport and large -scale application, whether to fill in chiefs, establish a new garden, or as amendment to improve existing soils.


  • Economic: The most affordable option without sacrificing quality.
  • Screening: Homogeneous granulometry for a better application and aesthetics.
  • Versatile: Ideal for all types of plants and garden conditions.
  • Natural: Without chemical additives, it promotes soil health and plants.


  • General gardening: Perfect to fill, level and prepare garden beds.
  • Agriculture: Suitable for fields and orchards that require a fertile and natural base.
  • Mixtures: Vital component in the creation of personalized and specialized substrates.


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