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Economic paid land

Economic paid land

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Container It is proud to present our Potting soil, a premium mixture designed to enrich your garden or urban garden. Composed of aging mushroom compost, silica sand and plant land, our paid land is the perfect solution to revitalize your gardeners, gardens, and planting areas.

Exceptional composition

Our paid land is the result of a careful selection of components:

  • Aged mushroom compost: Rich in nutrients and organic matter, improves the structure of the soil and promotes the health of plants.
  • Silica sand: It ensures excellent drainage, preventing flooding and soil compaction.
  • Vegetable land: It provides a fertile base, improving the retention of water and essential nutrients.

Ideal for all types of crops

This mixture is perfect for filling gardeners and for use in gardens, plant areas and other crops. Its superior quality ensures the best environment for the growth of your plants, while its economic price makes it accessible to all. An essential basic for any gardener worth its salt or for any gardening project that seeks the best value for money.

Versatile presentations

We understand the varied needs of our clients, so we offer our land paid in two convenient presentations:

  • Big Bag of 1,000 liters: Ideal for large gardening projects or professionals who need large amounts of quality.
  • 35 liter bags: Perfect for small interventions in the garden or for those who are starting their adventure in gardening.
  • Bulk. Consult price according to delivery place.

Commitment to quality and price

In, our commitment is to offer you products of the highest quality at competitive prices. Our paid land is a testimony of this commitment, combining excellence and economy in an essential product for gardening.

Make your garden a life space

With our paid land, your garden will bloom as never before. We invite gardeners, landscapers and gardening lovers to discover the difference that our land can do in their projects. Explore and transform your green space today!


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