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Thermal anhydrite

Thermal anhydrite

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Introducing Thermal Anhydrite, a high quality product available in 1000 kg Big Bags in our online store, Thermal Anhydrite is anhydrous Calcium Sulfate obtained through total dehydration at temperatures of 400 - 700°C of ground natural gypsum stone (Aljez). This product is ideal for use in various industrial, agricultural, construction applications, and especially underfloor heating.


  • Presentation: 1000 kg Big Bag
  • Granulometry 0-0.4 mm.
  • Obtaining process: Dehydration of natural plaster at temperatures of 400 - 700°C
  • Composition: Anhydrous Calcium Sulfate
  • Applications: Industrial, agricultural, construction and underfloor heating
  • Benefits: Improves the physical and chemical properties of the soil, provides an excellent base for construction, is ideal for the manufacture of cement and construction products, and offers optimum performance in underfloor heating.


  1. Industrial: Thermal Anhydrite is ideal for the production of cement, stucco, plaster, mortar, among other products.
  2. Agriculture: Contributes to the improvement of the physical and chemical properties of the soil, helping to control the pH, improve the structure and facilitate the absorption of nutrients.
  3. Construction: It is used as a base in the preparation of mortars, pavements, plasters and underfloor heating, providing greater resistance, durability and energy efficiency.
  4. Underfloor heating: Thermal Anhydrite is an efficient and ecological solution for underfloor heating, due to its excellent thermal conductivity and ability to distribute heat evenly over the entire surface.

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