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Ecological Universal Substrate

Ecological Universal Substrate

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The Ecological Substrate of Mineravi It is the perfect solution for gardeners looking for a versatile and high quality product. This mixture is designed to promote healthy growth in a wide variety of plants.

  • Natural land: It offers a rich and structured base that provides essential mineral nutrients.

  • Earthworm humus: It enriches the substrate, providing organic matter and improving the soil structure, which promotes the proliferation of beneficial microorganisms and water retention.

  • Aged mushroom compost: An unmatched source of organic matter that introduces beneficial microorganisms, thus strengthening the health of the plant.

  • Perlita and Expanded Clay: They improve aeration, drainage and avoid compaction, ensuring that the roots have the necessary space to grow.

  • Mineral flours: Like basalt and volcanic lava, they provide essential minerals that drive the robust development of plants.

  • Dolomita and agricultural plaster: Not only balance the pH of the substrate, but also provide calcium, magnesium and sulfur, vital nutrients for optimal growth.

Approximate weight:

  • Big Bag (1,000 liters): 500 kg
  • Bag (35 liters): 17.5 kg

We are also available to give advice to our clients about the best use of this fertilizer, considering the nutritional requirements and cultivation conditions.


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