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Reptile desert substrate saw inhabit

Reptile desert substrate saw inhabit

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He Reptile desert substrate saw inhabitants It is the ideal option to create a natural and safe habitat for your desert reptiles. Available in orange, roasted and black colors, this substrate does not contain dyes or chemicals, ensuring a toxin -free environment for your pets.


  • Natural and safe: Classified sands to avoid impurities and obtain a homogeneous grain size.
  • Heat retention: It maintains the necessary heat for the well -being of reptiles.
  • Rounded grains: Designed to avoid risks and provide a safe environment.
  • Stimulates natural behavior: Ideal for reptiles to dig and build burrows, promoting their instinctive behavior.
  • Decorative and functional: In addition to its decorative function, it helps maintain the right temperature.


  • Natural aspect: Natural product that mimics the natural environment of reptiles.
  • Without chemicals: Free of dyes and chemicals, guaranteeing the health of your pets.
  • Homogeneous size: Classified sands to ensure a uniform grain size.
  • Ideal heat: It keeps the ideal heat for desert reptiles.


  • Container: Available in 0.375 liters.
  • Colors: Orange, roasted, and black.

With the Reptile desert substrate saw inhabitants, you can be sure that your reptiles will have a safe and natural home that meets all their needs.


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