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European Kakedama substrate with Sakura Terra

European Kakedama substrate with Sakura Terra

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On, we present our exclusive mixture for European Kakedama, a unique combination of Sakura Terra, blonde and perlita peat, designed so you can create your own Kakedama at home. Although the process of making a kokedama can be a challenge, the result is a living art work and a unique decorative element for your home or office.

Main characteristics:

  • Sakura Terra: Our crushed expanded clay, an ecological substitute for Akadama, provides excellent water retention and porous structure.
  • Blonde peat: Used instead of the sphagnum moss mob, it improves moisture retention and provides an air base.
  • Perlita: Added to optimize aeration and drainage, essential for the health of the roots of the plant.

How to make your kokedama:

  1. Preparation: Mix the mixture for European Kakedama with water until you get a consistency that can be molded. It must be wet but not soaked.

  2. Ball formation: Take an adequate amount of the mixture and form a compact ball with your hands. This step requires patience and delicacy to ensure that the mixture does not fall apart.

  3. Plantation: Make a hole in the ball and carefully place the roots of your chosen plant inside. Then, close the ball around the roots.

  4. Moss cover: Wrap the ball with living moss, making it with a thread or rope firmly but carefully.

Tips and warnings:

  • Patience and practice: Making a kakedama requires patience and practice. Do not be discouraged if your first Kakedama is not perfect.
  • Let's do it: Prepare to get your hands dirty. The creation of a kakedama is a manual process and can be a bit messy.
  • Posterior care: Once done, immerse your kakedama in water when the moss feels dry to the touch and place it in a place with indirect light.


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