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60% coconut hydroponic substrate + 40% expanded clay

60% coconut hydroponic substrate + 40% expanded clay

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The 60% coconut + 40% Argilastone hydroponic substrate is an innovative mix designed for growers seeking a high efficiency and performance culture medium. This unique combination uses high quality coconut fiber and our exclusive Argilastone expanded clay in optimized proportions to guarantee a superior root development and excellent water management and nutrients.


  • 60% coconut fiber: It provides excellent moisture retention and aerated structure, essential for the development of roots.
  • 40% Argilastone (Expanded clay 6-14 mm): Our high quality expanded clay improves aeration and drainage, offering optimal structural support for roots.

Key differences with 70% coconut substrate + 30% perlite:

  • Greater proportion of airing component: The increase in the percentage of Argilastone in this mixture significantly improves the structure of the substrate, offering a higher drainage and preventing excess moisture.
  • Particle size: The inclusion of 6-14 mm Argilastone provides greater structural stability and facilitates a more robust growth environment for the roots compared to the perlite.

Estimated product weight: To calculate the weight of the bags of 35 liters and 1000 liters, we consider the approximate densities of both components:

  • Coconut fiber: Approximate density of 0.1 to 0.2 g/cm³.
  • Argilastone (expanded clay): Approximate density of 0.4 to 0.8 g/cm³, given its highest density compared to the perlite.

Calculation for a 35 -liter sack: 12 kg.

Calculation for a 1000 liter sack: 330 kg.


  • Improves aeration and drainage: Ideal to prevent water saturation and promote a healthy environment for roots.
  • Robust root development: The substrate structure allows strong and extensive root growth.
  • Balanced moisture retention: It maintains the necessary humidity without supersaturation, thanks to the combination of coconut and argilastone.

Applications: Perfect for a wide range of hydroponic crops, especially those that benefit from exceptional drainage and a robust substrate structure.

Instructions for use:

  • Ensure an effective drainage system.
  • Monitor moisture and adjust irrigation as necessary.

Presentation: Available in 35 -liter bags for small projects and Big Bags of 1000 liters for large -scale commercial applications.

This substrate represents the avant -garde in hydroponic culture solutions, combining the best of nature and technology to offer an exceptional growth means.


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