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Ecological substrate Horticultural plants

Ecological substrate Horticultural plants

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The ecological substrate for horticultural plants from Mineravi It is especially formulated to maximize the productivity and health of your horticultural crops.

  • Natural land: Fundamental basis that guarantees adequate nutrition and a stable environment for the roots.

  • Earthworm humus: A natural impulse that improves fertility and soil structure, ensuring an efficient absorption of nutrients.

  • Aged mushroom compost: Provides organic matter and microorganisms, which work together to strengthen and protect your plants.

  • Perlita and Expanded Clay: They optimize drainage and aeration, essential for the healthy growth of roots.

  • Mineral flours: They provide a complete range of essential minerals that favor the vigorous development of your vegetables.

Approximate weight:

  • Big Bag (1,000 liters): 480 kg
  • Bag (35 liters): 16.8 kg


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