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Reptile decorative substrate saw inhabitants

Reptile decorative substrate saw inhabitants

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He Decorative substrate for reptiles saw inhabitants It is perfect to create a natural and functional environment in your terrarium, replicating desert or savanna landscapes that your reptiles need to prosper. This substrate not only fulfills a decorative purpose, but also plays a crucial role in determining the terrarium microclimate, promoting the well -being of your pets.

Characteristics and benefits:

  1. Create natural landscapes:

    • Versatility: It allows you to design wet and fresh burrows, as well as high areas so that your reptiles can be struck. It is easy to shape naturalistic hills, burrows and gallery platforms, ensuring that the substrate maintains its shape while allowing reptiles to exhibit their natural excavation behavior.
  2. Optimal microclimate:

    • Hydration: Fresh-boiler burrows allow reptiles to absorb the necessary moisture through their skin during sleep or when they hide, helping to maintain their hydration.
    • Thermoregulation: The warmer high areas help reptiles to regulate their body temperature, offering several essential temperature gradients for their health.

    • Composition: Our substrate imitates the natural soil found in arid deserts or in the regions of Sabana. It is composed of a mixture of sand, broken granite and clay, resulting in interesting and colorful rock formations.
  4. Structural support:

    • Decorations fixation: Ideal to set heavy decorative elements such as branches and rock formations, providing stability and terrarium safety.
  5. Promotes natural behaviors:

    • Excavation and burrows: It allows reptiles to continue their natural behaviors of excavation and construction of burrows, promoting their well -being and instinctive behavior.

Recommended Uses:

  • Desert and savanna landscapes: Perfect to create landscapes that replicate the natural environment of desert reptiles.
  • Madrigueras and Asoleo Areas: Useful for forming fresh-humid burrows and high platforms, essential for the hydration and thermoregulation of reptiles.
  • Terrario decoration: Adequate to cover all the terrarium soil space or to create specific landscape areas, combined with other substrates such as the desert substrate saw habit.

Why choose from habit:

  • Quality and naturalness: Prepared with high quality natural materials that faithfully replicate desert and savanna soils.
  • Functionality and aesthetics: It combines important functional benefits with an aesthetic appearance that improves your terrarium visual.
  • Easy to use: Easy to mold and maintain, providing a safe and enriching environment for your reptiles.

Transforms the environment of your reptiles with the decorative substrate for reptiles saw inhabiting, creating a space that is not only visually attractive, but also healthy and stimulating for your pets.


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